There are good and bad things to orient my life towards. Phew! I’ve avoided making that declaration for so long in an attempt to avoid offense and controversy. But it’s become abundantly clear that without that minute recalibration of my compass, my needle is still more drawn to a destination of self-righteous destruction than to […]

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ojos coloridos

Today, during class, we went for a drive. We explored a little before landing in the Big Apple, a bilingual market on the other side of town. For the better part of my twenty-one years, I’ve done my shopping in Latino markets just like this one. I walked through the door thinking I was more […]

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security concerns

People think about money differently here. This little community never hesitates to enjoy good food and good wine, and being constantly invited to join in on that has communicated more to me than words ever could. You see, no one that works in this office gets paid to be here. Every staff member is either […]

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on “should be”

Phew, how He’s faithful. It’s like every week He lovingly shakes me a little more out of the daydream that all I believe in my head and profess with my mouth is substantiated by the structure of my life. I’d say my goal is the glory of God and the care of others, yet my daily […]

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leaving no stone unturned

If there’s anything in me that seeks to glorify me, Lord, take it. I feel like the Israel Jonah was pointing to, a country so preoccupied with herself that she’d not only forgotten that being God’s chosen meant she had a responsibility to share the news of judgement and salvation with the nations, but so […]

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is this it?

Every season, in addition to the things I learn, I feel like I’m unlearning just as much. God is constantly bringing old habits, warped truths, and toxic thought patterns to my attention, giving me grace and revelation to unlearn things that have led me astray and replace them with truth. Upon coming to Richmond, I’ve […]

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Only to be Yours

What started as an embarrassing rendition of 2000s Christian pop ballads one afternoon quickly became the theme of my week. My head has been filled with a weird concoction of lyrics, office conversation and internship reading assignments, leaving me wondering: do I really know what it means to follow Christ? You see, I’m aware that […]

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